Samsung Unveils Hybrid a laptop / touch Tablet

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung unveiled at the Computex its concept of laptop with detachable screen becomes touch tablet.

ASUS due to emulate with its concept of apparatus hybrid Tablet/ultrabook to the turn and after Acer and its Iconia W510 is Samsung which makes it to the Computex sauce.

Indeed, the South Korean manufacturer exposes a model of laptop screen is released from the keyboard to become a touch tablet on its stand. The Samsung Hybrid 5 is indeed a laptop whose "11.6 screen is maintained at the keyboard through a broad magnetic socket, taking over the screen detaches and becomes a stand-alone touchscreen tablet.


This digital slate will offer HDMI connectors (not accuracy whether or not this port is in mini format), USB and microSDHC and the connectivity WiFi and 3 G. It weighs only 747 grams for 9 mm thick and runs under Windows 8, a stylus similar to the Galaxy of the mark is also in part to take advantage of the capabilities of the new Microsoft OS.

Two versions of the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid will be proposed, first taking a processor Intel Atom ultra low power to the TDP of 2 Watts and another with a more powerful processor also provided by Intel and offering a slab HD 1920 by 1080 pixels only to it, the version low consumption has not unveiled this information at this time.


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