Asus shows its motherboard to 40 floors of food

32 on my right! 40 on my left! For now, ASUS has floors of food record. But is it reasonable?

After 32 food of the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP7 phases, it is turn to ASUS to show who has the largest motherboard. With 40 food phases, the ce prototype prototype of ASUS that is very similar to the P8Z77-V series named code Wolverine.

Our colleagues from VR-Zone were able to take a few pictures of this big motherboard, but we have not yet more precision for the time on the full technical characteristics of such a monster.

asus-wolverine-carte-mere-40-phases-002.jpeg          asus-wolverine-carte-mere-40-phases-003.jpeg

A new race has been launched. Is - this really useful to have as many floors of food? With such maps mothers at hand, the overclocking quickly draw conclusions especially under extreme conditions such as LN2.



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