Sapphire unveils a Radeon HD 7770 fanless

The Sapphire constructor never, stops between its declensions Vapor-X and its passive cards...

The Computex reserve many surprises. Today, it is a passive Radeon HD 7770 that we present the Japanese firm.This is not a test for the company run as Sapphire had already launched the HD 7750 Ultimate displaying 0 dB at the beginning of the year. We turn on the superior GPU with aluminum cooling system. The map retains the specifications of AMD references: GPU Cape Verde in 28nm at 1 GHz coupled with 1 GB of GDDR5, a priori at 1125 MHz. emphasise that the GPU in the HD 7770, which displays more than correct performance, exceed not the 80W fully loaded. Such heat loss remains a sacred challenge to manage, what makes the Sapphire Ultimate the most powerful passive map of the market.

hd7770-fanless      sapphire-hd-7770-ultimate

Not simple to cool this creature, with several heat sink makes as long as a 7900 series Radeon card. Large aluminum block exceeds several centimeters PCB, will have to have a suitable and well ventilated housing. The games in mini-ITX format, compact and silent machines are not yet for tomorrow. Sapphire all the same that the heatpipe is subject to changes, this prototype is for the moment that beautify the technology showcase of the constructor.

The price to pay for the absolute silence will be two PCI slots. Side pockets and availability, information should fall in coming weeks.


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