Ivy Bridge: six new Core i5 on approach

Small update on the new Core i5 processor of third-generation approach...

In early June, are six new processors Intel which should be launched in the Core i5 series processor range 3000. Talking about many processors Ivy Bridge engraved 22 nm to desktops, which disembark under these trade names: Core i5-3470, Core i5-3470S, Core i5-3470T, Core i5-3475S, Core i5-3570, Core i5-3570S.

It's CPU with four hearts (except the model with the reference ends with a T, which displays a max of 35W TDP) with 6 MB L3 cache, processors from 2.8 to 3.4 GHz, and 3.5 to 3.8 GHz in Turbo mode. However, not Intel HD 4000 (except for the Core i5-3475S) to the program, but a less powerful Intel HD 2500 iGPU. CPU World table is once more perfect to get all the info at a glance.

CPU World Core i5 Ivy Bridge.PNG


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