[MAJ] An attacker on the stock exchange? Step immediately...

Corsair would quietly be preparing its introduction on the stock market...

Corsair LogoAccording to information of a specialist analyst of the Fellowship in Seeking Alpha, the manufacturer Corsair would prepare its introduction on the stock exchange. We are far from the amounts we hear back to Facebook, because Corsair ambition would be to lift 78 million dollars on the public markets, to enhance the company in the amount of $ 223 million. Talking about the case of Nicolaus & Co, RBC Capital Markets and Stifel Bank to care for this IPO, for which Corsair would use the name of Corsair Components with for acronym CRSR.

If Corsair (renowned for its DRAM and NAND memory products but also its enclosures, power supplies and gaming devices) hopes to lift 78 million, he believes keep 42.5 million for its cash and fund new projects, since the company would benefit to pay 28 millions of dollars of debts that it has accumulated. A priori, Corsair would put on the market a total of 4.1 million shares for this entry in the stock market.

[Last updated on May 25, 2012 at 9: 40 pm]

Finally, Corsair has reported that it gave its entry on the stock exchange by. Andy Paul, co-founder and CEO of Corsair explained to the Wall Street Journal: "our business is growing and generates not only profitability and a stream of cash sufficient." "We have therefore decided reprogram our introduction on the stock market when the stock market conditions are more favourable." However, the latest results of the sociaté are good and this entry on the stock exchange could allow it to accelerate the development of new products. But Corsair is cautious, aware that his activity is heavily dependent on its suppliers, especially in the memory market. No doubt Corsair does see what happens around the Japanese giant Elpida in this area (the possibility of a takeover by Micron seems well advanced), before embarking on the stock market, to reduce the risk for its future shareholders.


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