DNSChanger: Google fight against the malware

Google is taking steps to inform users of the presence of DNSChanger on their machine.

Mid-February, we inform you of available group Lexsi of a test to verify if the machine is not infected with DNSChanger, malware that threatens to deprive hundreds of thousands of Internet users Web. A threat that many organizations take very seriously, as the FBI.

Today, it is the turn of Google to engage against DNSChanger. Indeed, the online search giant will integrate into its site a device for identifying infected machines, and display a warning message for positive test to DNSChanger above search results. The idea being of course to inform users that they take the necessary steps before the closing of the FBI DNSChanger servers. That the approach to remove DNSChanger on his computer is very simple.

Google Malware Alerte

As a reminder, after the inquiry of the DNSChanger virus makers which, by changing the DNS of users, oriented them towards advertising sites, the FBI has set up its own healthy servers to preserve access to Internet of infected persons. But the FBI will cut these servers on July 9, and even infected Internet users may find themselves without access to the Web. Late April, 350 000 computers were still infected by the FBI.


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