Info on the Radeon HD 7990 AMD, bi - GPU Tahiti map

Some information on the future graphics card AMD with two GPU Tahiti, the Radeon HD 7990 or HD 7970 X 2?

According to DonanimHaber site, AMD partners manufacturers have confessed already work on maps graphics custom with two GPU Tahiti, the future Radeon HD 7990 or HD 7970 X 2, the name being, prior, not yet defined.


Illustration: PCB Radeon HD 6990 AMD

These maps would be so equipped on their PCBs of dual HD 7970 engraved 28 nm to counter NVIDIA offering, with its GTX 690, taking short AMD on the very high range bi - GPU cards segment. It is unclear yet if these CG House of Tahiti full frequency of origin or revised upward (1 Ghz?), but if the cooling system is well thought with optimal dissipation, nuisances sonores maitrisées and that the card has correct power consumption, NVIDIA has what tremble.

And if AMD position correctly rate this solution bi - GPU, under the €800 for example, and third-party manufacturers may offer alternative versions overclockées, this map could well return AMD in the race for power. The mark having lost the battle of the best performing single-GPU card with his rival to the Chameleon, it has all the cards in hand to win the bi - GPU. More info at the Computex 2012 beginning of June in Taipei…


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