Lian Li on the mini-ITX

Three enclosures mini-ITX with a stroke, Lian Li has something for everyone!

To continue in the theme box, after our SilverStone Temjin SST-TJ08-E test and the announcement of the BitFenix Prodigy, Lian-Li announces the release of three new models. All three mini-ITX format, it's a PC - Q02, Q03 - PC and PC - Q16.

Let's start with the PC-Q02 which will be sold with a 300 Watt certified 80Plus power supply. The particularity of this package that will be shared with the PC - Q03, it is the size of the optical drive which must mandatory be Slim, exit so the good old optical drive conventional format.

Size: 14.9 x 23 x 20 cmMasse: 2 kgLecteur 5.25 ": 1 in the format SlimHDD 3.5": 1 convertible 2.5-inch SSD 2.5 ": 2 If the HDD location is convertiSortie PCI: NonVentilation: NonPanneau front: 2 x USB 3 0Prix: €120



The new cube of Lian-Li aptly named PC-Q03 adds to an extension for a mono-slot graphics card slot. In addition the maximum length of this card shall not exceed 18 cm. Always in the mini-ITX format, but which can also support the format mini-DTX motherboards, CPU heatpipe shall not be more than 6 cm high and food which shall not be more than 16 cm long. Support of the optical drive to the Slim format will also accommodate a hard disk formatted 2.5 inches in his place. Let's recap the specifications:

Size: 19.9 x 24.5 x 21 cmMasse: 1.57 kglecteur 5.25 ": 1 in the format SlimHDD 3.5": 1 convertible 2.5-inch SSD 2.5 ": 2 If the HDD location is convertiSortie PCI: 1Ventilation: NonPanneau front: 2 x USB 3 0Prix: €120



Perhaps the most interesting of the three, PC-Q16 will by default provide a 300 Watt also certified 80Plus power supply, but will especially have more place for storage with a hard drive 3.5-inch and three other format 2.5 inches, but loses the output for a VGA card and optical format Slim drive. Everything is broken down by a small wind tunnel of 14 cm in diameter in front. The location of the food is also limited and may not exceed the 10.5 cm long. The heatpipe CPU will also meet the height allowed for this tiny box on the PC - Q03, 6 cm.

Size: 19.9 x 16 x 29 cmMasse: 1.8 kglecteur 5.25 ": NonHDD 3.5": 1SSD "2.5: 3Sortie PCI: NonVentilation: 1 (14 cm) front panel: 2 x USB 3. 0Prix: €130


Last function to these three models, the button of ignition which will illuminate in blue to indicate that the configuration is under tension and red when there is an activity of the hard drives. All these models are available in black or grey to prices listed for each reference.


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