Prodigy: the mini-ITX malignant of BitFenix

BitFenix formalizes a very interesting mini-ITX enclosure. Small, it has everything a great!


BitFenix announces the launch of its new creation in mini-ITX enclosures: the Prodigy. Composed of steel and plastic, measures 25 x 40.4 x 35.0 cm for a still unknown mass. What we reserve, this Prodigy? Let's start with its design that reminds us the form of a Mac Pro… But that would be passed to the steamroller, with top a long aeration grid that can support both fans of 12 cm in diameter.

It has also a fan in front of 12 cm with the opportunity to establish a second, or even get up to 23 cm in diameter for a real fresh air supply in this tiny box. At the back, just above the motherboard, BitFenix provides his Prodigy of extraction of 12 cm fan, but can be replaced by another up to 14 cm.


This small case will not embark as a single optical drive, but to the beautiful share hard drives since it will be possible to put five conventional HDD in 3.5 inches and four 2.5-inch disks. Despite its size, it may still allow a long graphics up to 33 cm. It will however be confined to a card double slot because he cannot take large card. Located just below the motherboard food will also be a place to provide electricity all the components.


Available in black or white, this Prodigy is not only steel, but plastic special for cushioning on top positioned coves as down depending on the technology House "FyberFlex Composite" with special for an affected style "peach skin" surface treatment. Nice for the transport, of is damaging hands on sharp metal loops!

Given the surface to front ventilation, BitFenix relegated the Panel usually ports in the front, on the side. Two ports USB 3.0, making for the helmet to the jack format and taking the micro, the reset button and the button of the color of the box chosen ignition, the Panel is complete. Available for the middle of the month next around €70, we look forward to the top hand. In the meantime, we offer the promotional video of this Prodigy BitFenix.


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