The screen 36 "Eizo 4K2K approach

A giant LCD back-lit led to the definition 4 K, it is expensive, pay especially when Eizo which manufactures.

Eizo, specialist of the screens for image professionals, says a little more on his new DuraVision FDH3601, a "single market" monitor model which will be equipped with a dalle LCD "36.4 native definition of 4096 x 2160 pixels. It will propose vision of 176 ° angles and promises reduced to minimize color variations. Eizo address first to workers of geophysics or air traffic control, areas in which dispose of large well defined screens is a necessity. "For an air traffic controller, this single screen may replace the monitor 2 K x 2 K and all auxiliary monitors." "There is therefore more the gene of the bezels" explains for example Eizo.

Eizo DuraVision FDH3601 (1)           Eizo DuraVision FDH3601 (2)

Its connections include two ports Dual-Link DVI - D and two DisplayPort, knowing that a mode "picture in picture" will be proposed. A detector of presence will be part to save energy and the guarantee of this monitor will be two years. The grey to grey response time is announced in 8 ms, while the maximum brightness will be 700 cd/m², and the contrast of 1000: 1. On foot, it will be ergonomic, adjustable in height (100 mm), tilt (25 °) and rotation (left-right) of 344 °.

Always talking this exception monitor in the future, but Eizo today tells us that it has to enter in the phase of mass production, which therefore announces its next effective availability. The recommended selling price approach the 25,000 euros... Help!


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