Broadcom: a chip to locate them all

Broadcom Announces New GNSS chip destined for smartphones, tablets or autonomous GPS (NDP) units, with location within the bonus...


Broadcom announces its new controller multi-constellations for the reception of signals from several positioning systems satellite, grouped under the acronym for Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS.

This new chip is the number BCM4752 and supports the US system GPS, but also its Russian declination GLONASS or QZSS Japanese system. To improve the accuracy of the positioning signal, Broadcom adds to its smart SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) system that encompasses several standards of correction of the positioning as WAAS to the United States or to the EGNOS for Europe.

In addition to the support of these many satellite positioning systems, Broadcom provides that navigation assisted its chip will allow a faster first acquisition point positioning in said "cold" startup or detection of tunnels even faster for a follow-up of ultra navigation States, not to mention the problem of positioning in the city (called also problem of the canyon urban because of large buildings that frame the) (Street).

The use of GNSS also provides a location within buildings using nearly 59 satellites that orbit our planet. Without however that it works in all types of buildings.


Position of different satellites and the International Space Station: credit Photo Wikipedia

In addition, Broadcom worked on a mode ultra-basse consumption for a location in real time or at regular intervals for the "geofencing" used for alerts or the configuration of the mobile with its location. For example a passage in vibrator mode and display of appointments at the arrival to the Office or display a reminder from the Office or automatically turn on WiFi and enter mode ringtone in coming home.

This new BCM4752 chip also passes to 40 nm engraving, which could, according to the manufacturer, reduce the consumption of the order of 50% and size for better integration in mobile terminals in addition in most. Production of this chip should intervene at the earliest with test versions already sent to partners of the constructor.


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