MegaUpload: 25 petabytes of data which are expensive to maintain

One of the providers who rented the MegaUpload server would like to find a solution to get rid of the 25 petabytes of data which immobilize its servers 1000...

Megaupload 1

Carpathia Hosting, one of host MegaUpload data providers, calls for support to continue to maintain 25 petabytes of files from the activity of the service closed by the FBI on its servers. A conservation which deals with 1103 servers and cost it about 9000 dollars a day he said.

Waiting for a legal decision, these data obviously cannot be deleted, or be displaced. And we know that having been seized MegaUpload accounts, Kim Dotcom company can no longer pay the Bills that make it achieve its providers. Result of the races is to justice that Carpathia Hosting turns to try to find a solution.

The hoster proposes that the conservation of these 25 petabytes of data be given to other organizations or the Government, or why not the MegaUpload company. The situation is urgent for Carpathia Hosting, which would like to use its servers immobilized for more profitable purposes.

Virginia Federal Court will therefore have to meet this demand quickly enough. It could request the complainants to participate financially in the conservation of these data that may play a role in the trial of MegaUpload. Unless justice does finally the temporary re-opening of the service to allow for MegaUpload users to recover their data, before allowing their removal. However, this latter scenario is that largely hypothetical...


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