NVIDIA would that Intel seriously its ARM chips

By producing his ARM chips in Intel plants, NVIDIA could take a decisive advantage, but the first person not the ear hears him.


According to XbitLabs resumed our colleagues from Tom's Hardware, NVIDIA would currently seek to push Intel to burn ARM chips in its factories. It would in any case be the desire of the NVIDIA CEO who saw an opportunity to improve the process of engraving of ARM chips while casters such as TSMC or GlobalFoundries have not yet perfectly mastered the process of engraving on 28 nm, while Intel is poised to launch its tri-gate processor engraved 22 nm.

Engraved 22 nm, ARM chips could indeed be faster, consume less energy and release less heat... but also more competition to x 86 Intel processors. However, it is known that Intel has produced ARM chips for its own account in its factories in the past. However, Intel responds in the negative to these rumours, explaining that he has well keep its advance in the matter and exploit its know-how on 22 nm to impose its own products which is logical. Especially as Intel grows its new processors Medfield, destined for competitors of the SoC ARM and mobility markets.

NVIDIA cannot a priori rely on Intel to help pass Qualcomm and its SnapDragon S4 which are engraved 28 nm. It is also the ARM chips to take advantage of the more fine etching, since the Tegra 3 (NVIDIA) and Omap 4 (Texas Instruments) are engraved in 40 nm by TSMC, while the Exynos (Samsung) and A5 (Apple) are engraved in 45 nm by Samsung.


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