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Probably one of the most famous of the time, Bleach shônen offers an interesting storytelling frame, following the peregrinations of several shinigami, fighting with Hollows to preserve humans. Ichigo Kurosaki is the series main hero. It is a human who obtained the powers of shinigami through of Rukia Kuchiki, while she was in bad shape with an enemy of the shadows. The suite of the manga evokes the entry of our hero as "shinigami replacing" in the Soul Society and especially of the Gotei 13, which includes all of the shinigami.

If the frame of the manga database is interesting, the game Bleach: Soul Resurrecci?n relies on an arc advanced, namely the arrival of the shinigami in the world of Hueco Mundo, to prevent the actions of Aizen against the world of Karakura (humans) with its army of arrancars and Espada, parallel forms advanced of Hollows. Also, for players who have not followed the series, the game parachute us directly at the arrival of Ichigo in the vicinity of Las Noches (the Palace of Aizen, in the heart of Hueco Mundo) without clearly explain the reasons.

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More generally, Bleach: Soul Resurrecci?n proves very stingy in his scenario, even if a story mode extends up to the defeat of Aizen by the hand of our hero. Indeed, almost ' no cinematic supports advances in the history, it will take just a few lines of text before each episode and a few dialogues in the game phase to. In short, the title boasts a story mode which is responsible to follow phases of gameplay somewhat awkwardly, without explaining the purpose of the clashes, nor the role of the characters. Accordingly, it is clearly felt that developers have only targeted the biggest fans of the manga by designing the soft.

However, the title remains relatively faithful to the original work, especially in the presence of official dialogues in Japanese, as well as in the achievement and the animation of the shinigami and the Espada. If the title might suggest a simple fighting game has the versus, designers have finally opted for a gameplay beat'em all in the same temper as a Dynasty Warriors. The similarities with the latter are very many, without so far escape the originalities which could make the difference.

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