Test 4 Forza Motorsport-Xbox 360

The problem with franchises such as Forza Motorsport, is that they are particularly expected at the turn, especially when the previous pane has excelled in its proposals. Therefore developers not to rest on the success, not just the ease to finally offer to players as a component of the addon. Developers rather this work difficult to challenge and this desire to go further, not only to be still guarantee good sales figures, but to offer players always the same pleasure, on a title with no real secrets. At Turn 10 so this demanding work, but oh how galvanizing when he is successful. First significant point, the choice was made of space episodes of two years. No precipitation, no infinite development nor, perhaps the just balance between the return of the public and the germination of new ideas. Always is it that Forza 4 arrived in time and hour, the result seems not bad and that Turn 10 therefore held the majority of its promises.

Forza 4 Forza 4 (2)

Forza 4 will not shame to his ancestors. Reputation of the franchise sufficient to guarantee players a game based on a solid content. Of course, nothing protects of the misstep, but a know-how which has the gift to fly with each new iteration has what reassure. Forza 4 will therefore not revolutionize the franchise and continues to reiterate many aspects, so dear to the series. The game of car ignores flourishes, menus only the essential and allow you to smoothly navigation. Turn 10 does not lose the talent of its developers in menus that shed, the style is rather refined to better develop and express themselves, in the key of the game field.

Forza 4 (3) Forza 4 (1)

Therefore, this Forza remains faithful to its franchise. The players used to drag their gaiters in the different episodes of the series will be therefore not lost here. It's as if you reduce your place of resort par excellence, every thing is in its place and you could blind, you find.
The strength of Forza, is still its great accessibility. Over the years, Turn 10 continuing always to apply to the neophytes, to leave their chance to players who did know nothing, take fun to experience sensations and finish a race in the first three places on the podium even if the driver talent is not. And this accessibility is not at the expense of players experienced, those that scotchent you the line of departure, who speak you lift and differential... So everything is simplified for the amateur, as many manual settings for connoisseurs are many. Complex and numerous. But it must be used to understand the interest of certain settings to test other sensations. It will therefore just emphasize this huge opportunity for the players. Forza, is also taking the time to optimize number of parameters (and not only the color of his car) before flowing into the race.

Forza 4 (6) Forza 4 (5)

The originality of this 4 Forza comes from its Kinect accounting. No worries if you don't have the Microsoft accessory, you won't miss a fundamental content. Kinect allows you, in addition to move the head in the cockpit, to the Tower of the vehicles in the Autovista of the "touch", to try, to open the trunk, to interact with them. It's fun but is in no way determinative. Turn 10 seems to be bent to the wishes of Microsoft, who wishes to see its Kinect everywhere, without his Forza 4 for a game now public... A change which would have been fatal to the players.


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