Test Battlefield 3 - PC

The arrival of Battlefield 3 and the next Modern Warfare 3 demonstrates how the time flies. It seems that the time was not far where the respective editors of these titles were still only announce their Mastodon. The months are thus and Battlefield 3 is the first to open the ball. It is now possible to announce that Electonic Arts will have developed the means in its promotional campaign, where cheap shots and breathtaking videos will have fueled our news wire. Battlefield 3 is now and must now live himself, to present to the public, a particularly demanding public, and no longer rely on its intrinsic qualities. Near exit of a Modern Warfare 3 pushed a EA has to do more, the goal of both the competitor, or even better, is palpable. In the gameplay, in situations, will be a CoD effect which interferes with somewhat. As if the Battlefield franchise did not of itself enough arguments to convince. The competition between the two titles is displayed, it launches figures of pre-orders for reassurance. But even once, fine words, promises, have left the place full-scale test. And, what is today, Friday, October 28, unfortunate to say, is that Electronic Arts has missed a launch that had to be smoothly.

Battlefield 3 (60) Battlefield 3 (32)

These problems are present and if they are disruptive, it is hoped that Dice and EA will find a quick solution to improve the comfort of game. In the State, players have a 3 Battlefield with many bugs in the solo campaign, whose access to the multiplayer is not possible for some players, and when you're precisely, the lag is ubiquitous and many disconnections. It is therefore not to the point again, and this is quite regrettable, since the multiplayer of this Battlefield 3 beautiful proposals to you to make...


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