Test Dark Souls - PS3 - Xbox 360

Back to Dark Souls and its menu all that there are more sober and dark.

I click on "New", to create a new part, in any event there is no choice in the menu. I then selected my class of character among 8 or 9 different classes and my attention is drawn to the beggar, who is just a slip in addition to his weapon. Is a class which seems to have fun, but will say that, given the reputation of the game, in principle, I prefer to leave well undermined, in doubt, it must allow to better absorb the blows, so I selected the bandit.

Go it is party, after a small intro video that showcases confidence, I wake up at the bottom of a Dungeon that serves as entry point in the tutorial. A well nice tuto in which we first learn to type, and then over messages that are left on the ground, we learn to run, jump, use a shield, use objects, etc... Until this all goes well, there just to take a shot that really badly! Bar life is dear to every time, so the use of the shield becomes very strategic as the fighting. There is a button to take his weapon to 2 hands but given the large overshoes that it is every time non-paré, I remain the sword + shield.

Dark Souls - 2 Dark Souls - 5

The tutorial continues with the first real enemies then a large boss confrontation. Well mean nothing, but I am still dead 3 or 4 times inadvertently, without to formalize me on these failures. It cannot be said that the extreme difficulty strike immediately, but the game plays well, we feel that movements must be precise to avoid errors and the hack aspect' fact slash n fly, as in diablo. On a desire to move forward in this world which is full of strange creatures and items to the special characteristics and begins to be stuffer (for non-used, this means equip themselves with pieces of armor, etc…).


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