Free Mobile: answers to frequently asked questions

Free Mobile was launched this morning with the presentation of attractive offers. Here are some answers to the questions that we frequently since this announcement...

How to subscribe to the Free Mobile?

Several ways exist to subscribe to one of the offers Free Mobile. On the Internet site By telephone to the 1044. Or in one of the Free shops. Note that, despite the announcement of opening entries from 9: 30 am this Tuesday, January 10, website long remained unavailable and only accessible since 15 h 40. It is almost impossible to be in relationship with a télé-conseiller. According to the testimony of several customers who managed to join a Free Mobile Advisor by telephone, it was then impossible to subscribe a computer problem. It would appear that services client operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom are also saturated.

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The roaming agreement with Orange 3 G covers the 2 G?

Free Mobile and Orange have signed on March 2, 2011 a national roaming agreement in 2 G mobile, and then decided to extend this agreement to the 3 G. Free Mobile is not a virtual operator (MVNO), but has its own 3 G antennas, at the present time, to cover a little less than 30% of the population in France Metropolitan.

The offer is "limited" to 3 million subscribers, that happen beyond?

Interviewed by Europe 1, Xavier Niel is back on this point and has certified that the prices of offers Free Mobile announced this morning would not change over the 3 million subscribers: "the three millionth subscriber, are maintained or improved offers." "No increase".

Can subscribers Freebox subscribe to several Free Mobile lines to preferential tariff?

No, Free Mobile press release States: "the reduction for Freebox subscribers, regardless of the model of Freebox, is limited to a subscription per household". Any subscriber Freebox will therefore benefit an unlimited subscription to €15.99 or a subscription to €0. Other members of the households can subscribe to as many subscriptions to €19.99 and €2 as they wish.

Packages Free Mobile provide the opportunity to pay less its mobile?

No, Free Mobile decided to separate the price of the package and that of the telephone. Free Mobile however offers to buy a non-subsidized nine mobile and pay on 12 to 36 months. As seen on MacWorld, in the case of some phones as iPhone 4 S, it is more expensive to buy his motive in Free Mobile to buy naked in a merchant. Mobile are therefore not all sold at cost in Free Mobile and some do not appear to be "financables" (cf. the Galaxy S II). The sending of the mobile is charged €10.

Any unlimited package to €19.99 impose restrictions on the level of the mobile Internet?

Xavier Niel stated that no use restrictions would be imposed. VoIP is authorized in 3 G as trade on the P2P protocol and all other uses that can be of the Internet on his phone. Instead, Free Mobile applies as other operators in a "fair - use", or amount of data exchanged from which the flow can be flanged. This fair - use, between 500 MB and 1 GB on average in the competition, is set to 3 GB per month in Free Mobile.

Package €2 it integrates mobile Internet access?

No, package €2 (available for Freebox subscribers) integrates not access to the mobile Internet that is billed out-of-package as calls (€0.05 per minute) and SMS (€0.01 by SMS). He is charged €1.99 for 20 valid MB a month, and €6 100 MB beyond.

Is the SIM card it charged?

No, it is available for any subscription by Internet with the number portability. For new issue, the SIM card is charged €10. Change of SIM card is charged €10 and the release of the card SIM €5.

How to terminate its current mobile subscription?

If you are not engaged in your current operator, it must first ensure ask désimlockage of your mobile (3 months minimum subscription required) if it is blocked by the operator that funded it. To change the offer and pass on a package Free Mobile by maintaining its number, it is sufficient to contact the operator to know his number RIO (numbers here) to provide Free Mobile during the subscription. The new operator of the administrative procedures of the portage which will intervene within 72 hours. If you you committed in your current operator for a period of 24 months, you can play the Chatel Law which permits to leave his operator by paying a quarter of the total of the monthly payments due the last year.

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