Windows Phone / SMS attack: patch imminent

HTC Titan

Early December, a problem was observed in Windows Phone which could lead to the blocking of the messaging hub by sending a SMS or a specific instant message via Facebook or Windows Live Messenger.

Not a fault that would allow access to personal data, it is rather a defect in the management of the messages in the hub which leads to restart the Windows Phone Smartphone and inactivation of the messaging hub, the only way to restore it from a hard reset which return the device in its original configuration and destroying personal data that are then.

Patch test
Microsoft had acknowledged the existence of the problem and promised to consider the question. Khaled Salameh, discoverer of the failure, said on Twitter that he had been contacted by the Microsoft security team. The cause has been discovered and a patch is being tested and should be soon available.

Even if no misuse has been detected, the effects were sufficiently troublesome for the Redmond Group concern quickly. The patch should be available in the first days of January 2012.


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