Fourth failure of Verizon LTE 4 G network

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And four. The Verizon Wireless operator experienced a new failure of a few hours of its mobile network LTE (Long Term Evolution) which offers very mobile broadband. The fourth since its launch late 2010 and the third in the month of December.

Like the previous time, is the 4 G network which had concerns, while the 3 G CDMA operator network remained operational (although some users have said there have also met problems).

The operator, who has built a reputation of reliability of its mobile network costs (by ribald advertisements) of his competitor AT & T, whose repeated problems often displeased mobile subscribers, begins to be the subject of severe criticism.

Several sources of discontent among the subscribers

Being one of the first in the world to deploy a 4 G network also large scale, it is also the first to experiment with the problems of youth of the fact of a new architecture over 3 G networks participating in rapprochement between fixed and mobile networks, to "all-IP" networks.

Verizon attempts to reassure its customers saying it retains the control but he faces unforeseen problems despite a very box monitoring, and that each failure is a different technical challenge to resolve that person has met before.

It's a little the ransom of the glory for to be launched early in the adventure of the 4 G LTE. But the wrath of users risk of falling while the operator has introduced a new system of tax of $ 2 monthly depending on the mode of payment of the mobile Bill, seeking to impose direct payment (debit, including).


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