These 2012: Crystal LED, the response of the OLED Sony

If Sony stop costs with the OLED tiles, it presents a new LCD technology called Crystal LED.

Sony Crystal LED

Yesterday, said Sony want to snub the OLED. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer announced want not to commercialize OLED screens in the immediate future, finding this too confidential to be cost-effective technology. Today, we learn that Sony is a House, called Crystal LED response.

Thus, Sony responds to televisions of LG or Samsung OLED in large formats with its slab 55 "Crystal LED. A screen which operates very small LEDs mounted on each subpixel color (RGB), equivalent number of pixels available. All the technical details of this technology are not yet known, but Sony proudly announces that this screen offers a response time 10 times better than that of a television classic LCD, a 3.5 times more marked contrast and a colorimetric 1.4 times larger.

Engadget, which could approach this TV, regrets that the presentation - made prototype - had only rehearsed sporadically frozen images. However, they found the very light rendering and detailed.


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