Test Dead Island - Xbox 360

Dead Island resumed a script seen a thousand times in bad horror movies. On a beautiful island where bask holidaymakers, probably in formula all-inclusive, spreads a particularly bad scourge. The zombies multiply, biting innocent victims, sometimes devouring them on the edge of a swimming pool, or even in the pool, transforming the turquoise water red bath, in a hotel room or on the beach. A holiday taking like nightmares where you need to survive and also to assist people in difficulty.

Dead Island (16) Dead Island (1)

Before launch you the title, you know the, Techland enjoys the second degree, or even the spirit of series B films. The developer mixes kitsch to inspiring situations, all over dialogue and sound effects which the stroke is pushed. The style is assumed and in this case managed often. It is leave therefore pleasantly take to the game of credibility any relative of the scenario. Arm themselves of a wood paddle to decimate with heavyweights often double the template of your character, remains a pleasant situation when we keep the ascendancy on the opponent. Believed to be moderately but the atmosphere of the game carries you and you may well have to survive with the means to. If the credibility of the staged is questioned, it is also appreciated thanks to the particularly well developed game content. If Dead Island does not seriously on the shape, the bottom he was worked with care. The title of Techland plays on many aspects of gameplay.


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