Test Professor Layton the appeal of the spectrum - Nintendo DS

A little nostalgia wind blows on this new episode of Professor Layton. Notice to owners of Nintendo DS, here is the last game of the series developed on the platform. The next components are now programmed on 3DS and you need to equip you if you want to continue the adventure. But let the moment of its presence on the platform where the licence is is simply revealed, admittedly a little behind the Japanese public, but still revealed. Full locating his license, Level-5 gave Europeans a series out of the ordinary and very high quality. Those who follow since its inception have no weariness and yet, it cannot be said that Professor Layton is particularly renewed. But its graphic style, balanced investigations and its solid scenario make each episode of real references. The appeal of the spectrum does not escape this reputation and even gaining interest due to its chronological position in the series.

Professeur Layton Appel du spectre (2) Professeur Layton Appel du spectre (5)

The appeal of the spectrum is not a component following the previous components, on the contrary, it above. This new episode takes place indeed before all first, the strange Village. A boon that will undoubtedly take the newcomers on the series to discover. Here, there is no question of references to the events crossed in the previous games, or winks, acts which could be losing and make evil players uncomfortable before the unknown. The appeal of spectrum as a prologue and you work will provide the meeting between the Professor Layton and Luke, which here takes an any other role that faithful assistant.


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