Test Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Xbox 360

In March 2006 that Bethesda had served us Oblivion, probably is the episode of the franchise that has the sparked more discussion in the community of players. Developers have taken their time to propose a title that meets players to do many expectations: meet the regulars, bring what to change to feed the interests of the franchise without altering a style, enable newcomers to start smoothly in a series already well installed, etc... Five years, is therefore finally not much, especially as the richness of this Skyrim would not have needed less to reach its current level. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim 5 is now available and prompt this time to travel the northern lands of Bordeciel.

Skyrim (11) Skyrim (13)

Turn of at the outset that angry, the appearance of graphics of the game, because skip you the first in the eyes. The Nordic countries are by definition of cold, often grey land. Beyond an atmosphere often dark and sad, Skyrim should also face a few worries display, unwelcome textures and some surprising clipping effects. We feel that the graphics engine is in sentence but Bethesda comes to camouflage defects with a few embellishments, as an anti-cernes would do after a short night. Subterfuges borne, the players will spend probably in addition.
Fortunately for Skyrim, his main interest lies not in these graphics. If the title is doing well and we offer a few environments and varied with all features of the Bordeciel region, may that this point is one of the next review for a possible Elder Scrolls VI. For the moment, it will happen so as if it had not yet too much importance, focusing on what deserves to be. However, it is annoy more frankly on load times, which lead really the pace of the adventure.


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