Numericable made his revolution: the BOX up to 200 Mbps!

Numericable had to move its "digital revolution" because of Free Mobile. Presentation of the BOX.

If Xavier Niel defended to have intended to take revenge on Numericable which borrowed its communication on the term "revolution", Free however forced the cable operator to make his announcement on "The digital revolution". Originally promised for this Tuesday, January 10, it yesterday evening that Numericable presented his "revolution". What is it? Of the Box!

A new case that is "everything" together in a single cubic box quite massive, but sober and enough design with its display on the front and tactile buttons. On the back, we discover a complete connextique (HDMI, optical audio, four Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB or even two phone jacks output, but not integrated DECT base). A BOX that can also accommodate a Blu - ray player, (in option) as proposed standard Freebox Revolution, or a 500 GB hard drive. See how these additional equipment will be charged...

Numericable LA BOX (1)      Numericable LA BOX (2)

But of course, the offer of Numericable does not only equipment, and also based on the performance of the network. Thus, the cable operator announces a flow down (download) which may reach the 200 Mbps (?), or two times more than the optical fibre in FTTH. What download a film which weighs 700 MB in under a minute depending on the ISP... The WiFi access point passes it to the standard N and reached the 300 MB/s.

Numericable LA BOX (3)       Numericable LA BOX (4)

Of course, the interface has also been modernised side television. It allows to save up to four HD channels at the same time (with 4 tuners) and, on the BOX, we can look at easily two programs simultaneously (Picture in Picture) and comment on what is you see on Facebook via a dedicated interface. Also, the BOX will be delivered with a new RF remote control which has the good idea to integrate a zone tactile way touchpad and keyboard on the face back. Rather nice on paper. But all this has a price, because apparently, it will be necessary to opt for a package to €59,90 per month in order to benefit from this new box...


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