GlobalFoundries becomes independent

GloFo is now completely independent. It can open its production lines in which they wish to...


There are now three years that AMD did his split on Foundry activity by creating GlobalFoundries which he held 44% of the shares at the time. Us concepts early in the year 2010 that AMD had more than 34% of GloFo until its share fell 10% last October. The investment of Abu Dhabi sovereign Fund, ATIC, just redeem recent AMD shares in Global Foundries, making the caster a completely independent company, opening its orderbook to competition.

Given the history between the two companies, agreements had been signed for the delivery of wafers. In 2011, AMD paid that functional wafer, but this year, it will be otherwise, because AMD will pay each wafer for a given volume, according to a price fixed in advance. Furthermore, GlobalFoundries has more exclusive production of some APU 28 nm...


An exclusive end AMD paid $ 425 million, which could lead us to think that the APU as the next Kaveri and/or Kabini can be produced by TSMC. AMD and GlobalFoundries will still continue to work together, following an agreement for the production of wafers for 2013 which would be substantially the same as this year.


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