The SilentWings 2 of Be Quiet! are available

Be Quiet! launches its new range of fans SilentWings 2 reworked for even more silence and performance.

The German trade mark Be Quiet!, renowned for its quiet cooling solutions for PC, officially launches its new SilentWings 2 fans (formerly known as the DarkWings).

bequiet_silentwings2-01  bequiet_silentwings2-02

The new range consists of models of 80 mm, 92 mm, 120 mm and 140 mm, and their pale have been reworked from the first generation SilentWings. They are indeed now striated and corrugated to further reduce a little noise while maintaining excellent cooling performance.

Two kits of interchangeable fasteners are provided, a flexible rubber to minimize vibration and the other rigid.

These top-of-range fan have a life announced by the manufacturer of 300,000 hours and are available at prices from €17,90 80 mm, €20 120 mm and €21.50 140 mm, 92 mm arriving later for a price not model release.


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