Yeston released its GTX 560 SE customized, good plan?

An Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 SE reviewed and corrected by Yeston to compete directly with cards AMD Radeon HD 7770.


Yeston is not allow to pass the output of new AMD graphics cards without doing anything. To compete with the AMD Radeon HD 7770 maps, the assembler chose a GPU from Nvidia, its partner, the GF114, to design its GeForce GTX 560 SE House.

At the level of the specifications, we have 336 CUDA cores (instead of 288 normally on the OEM chip) a band of 192 bits for 1 GB of RAM bandwidth dedicated in GDDR5. Frequencies at the level of the nucleus, the shader (CUDA) and memory are 820 MHz, 1640 Mhz and 1002 MHz.

Out of map, there are two ports DVI Dual Link, but also a HDMI port. The power of the chip is provided by seven phases and managed by chip NEC-TOKIN Proadlizer for the cleanest possible tension. Cooling is provided by the Artic Accelero TwinTurbo Pro, super silent and powerful enough to clear the calories produced by the map with its two fans turning above oversized blades.

Side tariff, this map Yeston is currently in 999 ¥ in China, or about €120. It should arrive quickly in rays home. If performance is the appointment, it should compete with the AMD Radeon HD 7770 (see test) on the same tariff slice.



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