Electronic lights: it falls?

After a boom period end of 2011, the market of the electronic light loses a little of its superb.


Among the most sought high-tech Christmas gifts end of 2011 were the electronic lights, manufacturers have been very reactive to try to capture a market that gave the impression of growing, with new more sophisticated terminals and bookstores including content online to build ever. We had also tried to help you make your choice by testing the main available models, as the Kobo By Fnac, the Cybook Odyssey, the Sony Reader PRS - T1 or the Amazon Kindle 4. A few weeks later, we learned that the last quarter of 2011 had been conducive to the sale of lights, with more than 9 million copies passed.

Today, the interest for these readers of eBooks is back, so on the first quarter of 2012, are two million units of electronic lights to be delivered according to the figures from the Office for the study of the DigiTimes. One of the explanations is the emergence of touch tablets that play the role of reader e-mail, even if they do not offer the same comfort of reading than screens at electronic ink. DigiTimes Research ensures that, for example, the success of the Kindle Fire a canibalisé Tablet sales of traditional Kindle, pushing Amazon to revise downward its commands of lights to its Asian sub-contractors.

Remains in 2011, on the full year, it is 22,82 million electronic lights that were sold, an increase of sales of the order of 107% from 2010. And the market is expected to continue to grow from year to year, as analysts expect the delivery of 60 million units in the year 2015.


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