Western Digital will allow Toshiba to sell disks 3.5 "hard

Toshiba is new player in the market of hard disks to the format 3.5 ".

Western Digital Velociraptor

Western Digital repurchasing division Hitachi storage, consolidation of the market of hard disks 3.5 "is its climax as two giants share almost all of the sales: Seagate and Western Digital. Approved by many financial regulators, this redemption had however been validated under conditions by the European authorities who wanted to avoid a too high concentration to ensure a situation of competition, is oligopolistic.

Western Digital had indicated its intention to sell one of its plants passing staff and expertise to a new entrant on the market of the disks 3.5 ". One "new" player that is other than Toshiba, present on the market of the drives 2.5 "hard. Toshiba sell so hard disks to the format 3.5 "to individuals, but also to businesses and destination servers. A transaction in which Western Digital will also retrieve Thai Toshiba, specialized plant (affected by the floods and the case always) in the design of "2.5 disk.


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