Fiber: Google has ideas to accelerate and facilitate the deployment

Google filed a patent for the deployment of fibre optics, protecting techniques and materials that will be tested in Kansas City.

Google is working on countless projects that often emerge from its core business that is online research. We know for example that the firm is investing in solar power plants, works on smart electric meters, and develops environmentally friendly data centers... Although the bulk of the activity of Google is always of course online. Internet which is also interested Google from the point of view of the infrastructure, so that the giant is leading a project pilot deployment of very high speed fiber in the city of Kansas City.

The idea being to seek to develop new technical deployment of fiber optics that are faster to implement and more effective than those for which generally choose the telecoms operators. CNET, who is interested in this project, says that Google has even filed a patent to protect its innovations in the matter, soon in testing in Kansas City, or a 1 GB/s network will be installed. The patent including a new way of digging trenches but especially a new sheath system to deliver fiber to the home. It is therefore a deployment to FTTH or Fiber to the Home.

This bag in question is described as a flat band hose 5-7 cm wide, 5 mm thick which passes the fibre. A sheath that can be buried, but also semi-buried or even be installed outdoors. Google does not want to say more but de jure to share its advances in the field once the deployment has started (the beginning of the work is scheduled for this year). The idea being to provide (under license?) operators of new deployment techniques to speed up the installation of very high speed...


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