Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version Beta

The new version of Ubuntu is revealed. This 12.04 LTS for Pangolin Precise code is available for download.


A first beta version of the Ubuntu 12.04 is available. His name, Precise Pangolin, is a so-called for Long Term Support LTS version, which will provide updates of stability and security for five years, until April 2017 therefore. The name of this version, Pangolin Precise, evokes "the robustness and finishing that wish to invest Ubuntu developers", according to a note on the blog of Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the distribution.

The menu of this new version, a new mode of navigation in the applications menu, called HUD, and a new version of Unity happening in version 5, an amendment to the session manager interface and finally the passage to a new version of the Linux Kernel.

In order, the HUD (Head-Up Display) literally translated to display head high, offers a new method to iterate through the functions of software from the search engine, rather than through menus. This method does not replace the menus, but brings a new way of finding more practical as in Gimp for example. In future releases, it is planned to add the mouse movements (Gestures) or voice recognition to interact directly with this module.


Then, Unity 5, which took into account the criticism against him, reviews its sidebar to add a list of shortcuts that will be proposed by right click on the button home displaying - for example - a button going to applications, or even to files and folders, music or videos. The launcher bar also switches mode "chameleon" and will be the dominant color of the wallpaper. Many changes were performed on this new version to facilitate its use, the exhaustive list is available on the page "documentation" of the distribution.

Connection Manager also was modified by proposing to display the wallpaper of the session of the user. If another user is selected in the list, then its own background is displayed. A good way of finding if the list of users of the same machine is important, but attention to the bottom of screen chose…


Finally, we deeply the passage of this new version 12.04 to kernel 3.2. The new Kernel brings its lot of changes and new features, such as the reduction of the CPU of the order of 25% for the writing of block of 4 k on the Ext4 file system, among others. The "sudo" has also been changed in Ubuntu for better compatibility with this module since its development branch. Namely that the "admin" group was previously used, but will remain available for back-compatibility. Now, use the "sudo" group to add administrators, this will simplify future updates without breaking the machine admin rights.

For the upgrade to this version, easy, it is in offline mode (the most secure, which is to download the CD) and then directly through the mode online. This last mode starts by entering the following command line for workstations version 11.10: sudo update - manager - devel-release

> Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta 1


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