Telephony HD, Orange believes...

To allow the greatest number to call in HD, a mission that was Orange for 2013.


The three incumbent operators indicate on their brochures the opportunity to make calls in HD on their networks, but this is often an option to subscribe, sometimes reserved for professionals. Orange offers this option which is already about a million customers pros and announces his intention to deploy HD telephony across the GSM in France coverage. The incumbent would also seek to sell its technology to other operators.

A negotiation would be ongoing between Orange and SFR also offers its own system of HD voice on its network. But here, it would be rather question of interoperability between these two suppliers for the next year, therefore not immediately...

The issue here is not so much the problem of voice connection high definition between the two operators, but rather the choice of the used codec and especially that builders are willing to put in their phones. Because if the networks operate a standard HD, it also that phones use it, and thus convince the manufacturers of mobile phones to agree on a global standard. This will not be simple.


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