Google Maps sentenced in France for unfair competition

Offer free business service that others are pay, this is what made Google with Maps, and it is unfair competition in the Tribunal of commerce of Paris.

Google MapsIn 2009, Bottin cartographers had filed a complaint against Google. Small business cartography installed in the Paris region was the giant of the Web for abuse of dominant position and unfair competition. It must be said that directory cartographers provides businesses with a mapping similar to Google Maps, but for fee service. Therefore, company abnormal believes that a group as powerful as Google can break its market by offering a free service. For directory, it is clear, Google "baffoue the rules of competition".

And this is also the finding made by the Tribunal de commerce of Paris just to make a judgment in favour of small French business. "Cartographic products created by the company directory cartographers are perfectly similar to those offered for free by Google through Google Maps Api (...)" "[Directory cartographers a] underwent a series of injury characterized by indisputable loss of customer and turnover" says justice, which recognizes a form of unfair competition.

The judgment must therefore be to Google payment of 500,000 euros in damages to directory cartographers who will be also repaid its 15,000 of legal costs. Several economic newspapers should publish the information, such as the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, La Tribune, Le Figaro, or Les Echos. Of course, Google does not close Google Maps that will remain free for individuals, but must sell to business service. Google has appealed.


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