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Ultrathin, fine, GTX 600, MegaVidéo, start, WOWARM, V4, friends... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

This week, the drafting of PCWorld.fr proposed you two tests. First the new Intel's SSD, the 520 Series which adopts a controller SandForce 2281, that we have faced in our tests to ten other SSD... Verdict, it is stable and powerful, but expensive. Then it was the turn of the Tablet Asus Eee Pad Transformer differential, first of its kind under Android 4.0 to a SoC Nvidia Tegra 3, which was also noticed with its new finish brushed aluminium and its keyboard/battery dock. Powerful, autonomous, well thought and well finished, it is reference, but there still is not a given. Finally, history of preparing Valentine next Tuesday, we offer 10 gift ideas for your half, oriented "geek", it gets not!

Intel 520 Series 240 Go (5).JPG           Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Side news, it was still fairly loaded, even if it is weeks crushed by one or two strong themes (Free Mobile and MegaUpload that well occupied us at the beginning of the year). Whatever, always talking about Free Mobile, who proposed its offers to the MVNO that they have found disgraceful, or even attacked on the cover of its network by SFR (itself criticized for the management of its network of WiFi hotspots). Free who was also ordered to pay €100,000 fine for flanged flow Internet of some of its non-unbundled subscribers, and who finally decided to retire its aging Freebox V4. With respect to MegaUpload, what TF1 and M6 who welcome its closure, seeing their catch up TV services be more frequented. It must be said that MegaVideo (streaming site) was one of the heavy weight of video online in France.

Microsoft Build 2011 (9)At Microsoft, we begin to shake before the release of the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 that would be made available on 29 February. Start with learn that the OS could abandon its "start" button before that not be mentioned a layer of interpretation of programs x 86 for the ARM version, which was denied in part by Steven Sinofsky, pattern of the Windows division, at the time a few last secrets on the new operating system. As to the other Windows 8, for phones, which will take over from Windows Phone said 7.5 "Mango", it said that it is the true issue important for Microsoft, while migration to this new version of the mobile OS would not accessible to all smartphones range.

Speaking of mobile OS, if it was known that HP has decided to make a free system called Open WebOS WebOS, we also learned this week that he was going to develop a new version of it, with the ambition to be better than iOS and Android together. Good courage. During this time, Samsung cartonne with its Galaxy who are selling smartphones in France, including notes, what makes the LG competitor to present its view Optimus, a giant screen format 4: 3 phone.

Nikon D800 (1)         LG-Optimus-Vu

Week during which we also discovered two new cameras interesting. A Nikon D800 for studio photographers up to 36 Megapixel, and an Olympus OM, figure from the analog to the digital hybrid CMOS sensor with optical micro 4/3 game. Photos to share on social networks, Facebook which reprense its advertising strategy in the mobile in preparing its entry into Fellowship, friends of before which gets a youth in the hope of convincing, and GFace, a small new in beta imagined for the players by the Crytek studio.

Finally, on the pure hardware, found some photos of a prototype of ultrathin, a replica of AMD in the ultrabook of Intel that will rely on the performance of the APUs Trinity new to point out. Trinity who, despite the CEO of AMD ambiguous speech, is not produced by IBM, but by GlobalFoundries. AMD discussed with the Radeon HD 7700, which features reveal. In the Face, these are the GeForce GTX 600 Nvidia referred to the rumour, to comment on the size of the die of Kepler, the GPU at 28 nm of this new generation of graphics cards. AMD, with a roadmap full unveiled for the coming quarters. Idem at Intel, where one learns that the future generation of processors Haswell should go out in the first half of 2013. The graphic part of which processors could be a real monster. Finally, we have learned a lot of things about the Atom CE Berryville, new generation of chips embedded for intelligent TV packages.


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