Micron out of memory DDR3Lm

50% energy saving on maintenance of the memory for the same performance state, the DDR3Lm is the market shelves and ultra thin computers.


Micron announces its new memory chips ultra low consumption in DDR3 baptized DDR3Lm. for shelves and very small computing devices, the company will on the market two 256 MB and 512 MB modules.

The first 256 MB chip is announced as being 50% mash on cycles of maintenance of the state memory compared to the chips of the same size DDR3L and also offers a transfer rate of 1600 MT/s. For the 512 MB version, the decline in energy consumption is identical to her sister and move below the 3.7 mA, intensity noted in sleep mode, so no access to memory. It climbs up to 1866 MT/s. They are both engraved in 30 nm, fineness of engraving which must also play on the decline of consumption announced.

Even if lithium batteries do not appear to innovate in terms of autonomy, manufacturers are seeking alternatives to always consume less and this new standard DDR3Lm is going in the right direction, said Geof Findley, Senior Manager in the memory at Intel division. Micron, copies are already being tested at OEMs and these new memory modules should be produced en masse for the second quarter of this year.


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