Xigmatek Colosseum, the heatpipe CPU fan cage

The Xigmatek constructor launches the Colosseum, its CPU heatpipe including design oval Tower-shaped mesh contains a PWM blue LED fan.

The Colosseum designed by Xigmatek is a CPU heatpipe design is particularly worked.

xigmatek-colosseum-03     xigmatek-colosseum-01

It consists of a "mesh" Tower of oval shape composed of several layers of thin aluminum plates which fits a PWM 120 mm with blue LED fan to accentuate the "Wow" effect.

xigmatek-colosseum-04     xigmatek-colosseum-02

The fan turns on a range between 1000 and 2200 RPM for a 89.45 CFM airflow, 3.45 mmH2O air pressure and a sound level reaching the maximum 20 dBA. It is based on a base nickled copper where out five heat pipes on part and on the other through the structure of the Tower of fins. All 146 x 97 mm x 157 mm and weighs 610 grams without the fan. The Colosseum is compatible with socket LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011 Intel and AMD AM2 (+), the (+) AM3 and FM1.

xigmatek-colosseum-06     xigmatek-colosseum-05

No date of availability, nor mentioned tariff by the manufacturer for the moment but hope that its effectiveness and performance were also worked as its appearance.


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