Raspberry Pi invites primary school

In our series of Raspberry, study some caveats in situation and in particular the arrival of several maps in school...

The BBC has just released a video featuring Raspberry Pi in a classroom. The event initiated by the Foundation GoTo and RS components has enabled pupils aged 7 to 9 years to approach the Raspy. Children thus have to learn Python programming and Linux environment. Qualified fantastic, results are very encouraging. Course session quickly turned into recreation. Young programmers have shown how computer languages could arouse their interest.


Some children still met some difficulties to handle Raspberry Pi. Indeed, properly type on a keyboard requires a minimum of training. It can be frustrating when that it returned code to watch in addition to its sheet, its keyboard ever. So, many students were much more experienced and did to to ask again.

The organizers and teachers are very proud. See all those smiling faces at the end of lesson do not every day. The compelling experience, will allow t - it plan other type sessions? Some see it as an excellent way to democratize the school programming. The raspberry map is not only for geeks and hackers as some want to believe.


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