Windows 8: Microsoft wants to convince the business

With a dual interface system, Microsoft is struggling to convince for future migration to Windows 8. Several demonstrations were made at the TechEd to reassure professionals.

At the beginning of June held conferences TechEd in Orlando in the United States where Microsoft wished primarily reassure companies on the possibility of easily migrate to the new version of Windows.

A demonstration was made to tell professionals that it was possible to launch applications made for Windows 7 but Windows 8 and that it was even possible to run an instance of Windows 7 directly in Windows 8 via the hypervisor directly integrated into this new version.

Windows 8 Desktop

At the direction of the "Developer experience" team of the firm of Redmond, we welcomed that it is now very easy to develop an application on Windows and to the test on the two latest versions at a glance. In addition, it is also possible to separate the two systems on two screens display to check step by step the developed application and thus control the behavior on each of the versions of Windows.

Another demonstration that could delight the DSI, it's Windows To Go. This new feature allows to have a fully customized environment as per the information system of the enterprise, all on a USB key or an external hard drive. This feature is only available with the Windows 8 Enterprise version that also supports BitLocker for encrypting data contained in the key or the hard disk. Thus, the employee may have its environment in the Pocket and use it on any machine. If the user is pulling the USB or the hard disk of the machine, the system goes into pause for 60 seconds, beyond, the system simply stops to prevent access to the data of the employee.

Loss of the key or the hard disk, the system and the data can be encrypted and thus avoid the loss of sensitive and confidential business data. Microsoft States that this feature works also well on computers that have a BIOS as the UEFI and than on first use on a new machine, the drivers are install without the need to restart the system at the end of procedure.

Is this be convincing enough for businesses? The future will tell...


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