Snapdragon S4 out of stock until 2013, HTC suffers with his HTC One S

SoC Snapdragon S4 of the Qualcomm company undergoes a shortage due to the concern for the production of the TSMC fondeur with engraved 28 nm chips. HTC suffers the consequences with his HTC One.

qualcomm_snapdragon-s4_photo_processeurIt was already known that TSMC was aware of some concerns of performance with the production of chips engraved 28 nm especially for AMD and NVIDIA customers. They indeed use this technology for their next generation GPU and then undergo supply problems, the Taiwanese fondeur struggling to keep pace.

But now the situation worsens a little more and impact of other actors in the middle of the high-tech including including Qualcomm and its SoC Snapdragon S4 which is then out of stock. This chip fitted to many top smartphones of recent range, this problem affects then names of mobile phones such as HTC which must also find ways to continue to produce its terminals.

The Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones has had to resign himself to replace Snapdragon S4 fitted the original HTC One S for a Snapdragon S3 on-fréquencé to level the difference in power between the two chips. And TSMC this situation of shortage of chips snapdragon S4 should keep to the last quarter of the year 2012 to return slowly to normal in the year 2013.

Attention so if you decide to buy an HTC One S or any other product "normally" boarding a Snapdragon S4, check that it has not traded against another less powerful chip.


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