ARM: two generations of graphics processors arrive

ARM provides two new chips Mali to address different markets, a pay strategy for British society?

ARM_Mali450_roadmapThis time, it is the English business ARM which shows the future of mobile processors embedded in our smartphones, tablets and even connected TVs. ARM is here that his new party graphic called Mali that animates its chips. The new generation is called Mali-450 and the successor to Mali-400 that getting into four hearts of treatment with the support of OpenGL ES 2.0 for the first time.

ARM Mali-450, passes to eight graphic hearts and also optimizes the treatment of OpenGL ES 2.0 for even more performance in video games. Chief product of ARM in the process media division, Steve Steele said that Mali-450 is not that double the number of hearts on the chip, but that optimizations were performed on units of graphics for better performance even if they are a little more than place on the chip in the end.

For the moment, this new generation does not yet the latest technologies in terms of graphics as the tesselation example calculation, but Steve Steele indicates that ARM has already in its cartons a new architecture called Midgard for the end of the year and will be fully exploited in the Mali-604 chips. In the meantime, Mali-450 chips are thought to be used in the entry and the means of range and Mali-604 and 658 which will arrive a little later to the high and compete directly with NVIDIA on this segment. We are asking to see...


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