LiquiData: share its environment on a multi-touch table

Our smartphones capture a lot of information every day and, on an ongoing basis, why not operate?


It is on this principle that students of the University of science applied in Potsdam in Germany, developed the LiquiData software. This application designed for multi-touch tables originally developed on Windows Surface, transcribed the information captured by your phone and especially your movements and the path that you have traveled during the day.

Data collected during your journey are represented on a table multi-touch, Visual, sound and interactive form. The table reproduced a map of the area and then trace your routes. Only the visited places are clear, the rest is covered by a fog. The software offers the possibility of sharing your environment, add photos, videos, to comment, to obtain information on hotels and restaurants. It even to add a second phone to link information, resulting in the emergence of new interactions.

One can imagine this type of system in a hotel. Customers could obtain an overview of the surrounding area, add the already visited places, or even indicate the address of a good coffee.


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