From Dust: incarnate Almighty God

You dreamed of a cross-platform game, accessible from any computer and free? From Dust, Ubisoft studios could meet your expectations...


It is a game that Ubisoft is preparing for several years. In the movement of the cloud and online applications, fun from its browser represents perhaps the future, said the French studio.

But first of all, are you prepared to lead your people, carry it to the glory and fight against the fury of nature? From Dust is no doubt a "God game" type game, in other words a strategy game in which you take control of a tribe that will need to evolve with your mastery of the elements. Can indeed manipulate water, Earth, vegetation, lava and shape the world around us.

The peculiarity of this game, is that it runs from the browser Chrome. Thus can play on Windows, Mac and Linux. Ubisoft offers a Free To Play, but can also be purchased for €15 to unlock additional content. Technically, it is WebGL that loads renderings. This technology based on the OpenGL API is more and more use. If you expect to see pixels, think again! The graphic is quite impressive. Good game!

Hardware side, here is the recommended configuration:

Computer: Processor Phenom II Quad Core / or the series Core 2 Quad Q8000 or model équivalentCarte video: type Radeon HD3850 / GeForce 8800GT minimum
Memory RAM: 2 free GoEspace on the hard disk: 1GoCompatible with the Xbox 360 joystick.


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