Apple supports over Mac PowerPC

Apple is definitely a cross on the machines of PowerPC processors.


The arrival of Mac OS X Lion signed the end of the Apple machines based on PowerPC processors. Indeed, in addition to not install on PowerPC-based machines, as was already the case for Snow Leopard, the new Apple operating system integrates more the Rosetta emulator which allowed to run applications designed for PowerPC Mac so far. Late last week, Apple has released the list of machines that will no longer be supported by after-sales service from September 13, 2011. This list of obsolete products include therefore the PowerMac G5, iMac G5, the last Xserve RAID, 2005 and 2006. It was the last processor PowerPC-based machines still supported by Apple.

The Californian company does not stop the Mac mini and iMac using Intel Core Solo and Core Duo processors released in 2006, are also most taken in charge from September. It must be said that the Mac is not compatible with Mac OS X Lion that needs at least an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. If you have one of these machines and that you have a problem, it is time to go for a ride in your reseller before it's too late.


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