106.5 million smartphones sold in the second quarter

According to IDC, is would be passed a little more than 100 million smartphones in the second quarter, 65% more than in 2010.

iPhone 4 CDMA

The global market for mobile phones increased by 11.3% in the second quarter of 2011. Its the most active segment of smartphones, it displays an annual increase of 65.4%! 106.5 million smart phones have therefore found lessees between April and June. Apple struck a great blow by taking first place. The Cupertino firm has sold 20.3 million iPhone, allowing him to 19.1% of this segment.

Samsung is second with 17.3 million smartphones sold a share of 16.2%. Nokia flows 16.7 million smartphones, and grants it third place with 15.7% of PDM. RIM and HTC will follow closely, with respectively 11.6% and 11% of the market. Things move very quickly because in the first quarter, Nokia was first, followed by Apple, RIM, Samsung and HTC. The new classification represent the winners and losers of the last few months.



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