Iomega hard drive includes device iOS port of loading

Recent release Lion of Mac OS X from Apple shows how Mac and iOS platforms are overlapping. And third parties start to follow lead of blur to the Apple platform: Tuesday, Iomega has deployed an external hard drive which also contains a port of loading designed for Apple mobile devices.

Iomega Mac companion hard drive

The Iomega Mac companion hard drive is available in two sizes to and 3 to — 2. 7200 RPM drive comes in a compact design, Iomega said may tuck neatly in the basis of an iMac or Apple display.

Most important for the owners of Mac who also use iOS for Apple devices, however, the new hard drive includes a USB port of loading. Users can connect their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the reader of Mac companion for recharging the batteries on mobile devices, each time they are at their workstation.

It is not difficult to understand why Iomega decided to include a port of loading with its new hard disk. The drive manufacturer reported that Apple sold more than 9 million iPads in its fiscal year third quarter; during the same period of three months, iPhone sales exceeded $ 20 million. Combine this with third record quarter for Apple Mac sales, and that's a lot of people who have all sorts of gadgets designed in Cupertino.

In all, companion Mac hard drive offers two FireWire 800 ports, a USB 2.0 port and an integrated USB 2.0 hub of two ports. That this last connection means that users can connect printers, and other external hard drives or other devices for the new Iomega offer. Mac's Companion hard drive comes with three cables - one for FireWire 800, one for USB 2.0 and a conversion cable FireWire 400 and 800.

The sports also drive a gauge indicator of the capacity - essentially a set of four LEDs - gives users an idea of the amount of space they have left on the hard disk of companion Mac. Four white LEDs mean that less than 20 per cent of the capacity is used, for example, while a single red LED indicates that more than 80% of the storage space was used.

Mac companion Hard Drive from Iomega starts at $195 for the model 2 TB; version 3 fresh to $ 295. The reader understands the Iomega software for backup at the free level file QuickProtect and 2 GB of online backup by Mozy. The drive is initially available via the online store and the Apple retail points, although Iomega plans to increase sales to other stores and sites later in August.


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