M - Disc: DVD which resists time

LG promises us an optical medium resistant to everything and even time.


You probably already know, optical media have a limited life which does not exceed a few tens of years, or even a few years if the media is of poor quality and stored in a location not adapted. In March 2010, the "Longevity of digital information" report produced by the Academy of sciences and the Academy of technology drew the alarm. The study showed that the length of life of the CD - R and DVD-R does not exceed fifteen to twenty years in the best of cases, and that the worst media degrade after only one year. The BD - R, with yet more fine grooves, have an even shorter life expectancy. The problem is in part of different set comprising optical disks, they tend to dissociate making it unreadable disk.

The LG constructor and the start-up Millenniata seem to have found the solution. Named M-Disc, this new optical uses fewer layers than a conventional disk, but especially the main layer on which the information is stored is manufactured with a material as hard as stone. The two companies that have not communicated on the exact nature of this new material. One thing is certain, M-Disc has passed the tests of the US Department of defence in contrast to other media. M-Disc misunderstands including su the most sensitive reflective layer conventional optical disk. The lifetime of the M-Disc would be unlimited...

The advantage of M-Disc, is that it is compatible with all existing DVD players via a simple internal firmware update. However, for engraving, need to upgrade to a new burner. The LG constructor should commercialize the first models to burn the Disc M during the month of October. The speed will be limited to 4 x, but engineers are on track to move quickly to 8 x.


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