The Tablet market will take off one day?

Once, the tablets market gives white hair manufacturers who fail to take off sales.

HP TouchPad WebOS

Hewlett Packard has recently taken the decision to reduce the price of its shelves TouchPad 16 and 32 GB. The reduction in the price is consistent because it amounted to $ 100. These tablets are now available versus $ 399 to $ 499 respectively. This reduction occurred shortly after a similar decision made by Acer which has reduced the price of its Iconia 449,99 $ 500 tablet to 395 dollars.According to analysts, the homogenization of the hardware in the bars and the dominance of Android in the non-Ipad tablets would be responsible for these price declines. Indeed, 70% of the tablets with no logo for the Apple use an Nvidia Tegra 2 solution and the Google operating system, making it difficult to differentiation in this sector where competition is raging while sales are not as high as expected and iPad sales. A way to differentiate to give boost to sales therefore stand by a price aggressive, even sacrificing the profit margin.

The output planned Ice Cream Sandwich Google's operating system and the quad-core Nvidia Tegra Kal solution - EI could boost sales or achieve the same result, namely a fierce competition with close hardware making it difficult to differentiation. Who said that the market of the tablets was a vaporous and artificial market?


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