Three Z68 in EVGA motherboards: unnecessary?

The California manufacturer EVGA launches three new motherboards equipped with the duo Z68 + LGA - 1155...


EVGA has (finally) launched a series of motherboards equipped with the Z68 Express chipset and socket LGA-1155. Found as three solutions, Z68 FTW, Z68 SLI and Z68 SLI Micro. These references are similar as two drops of water to FTW, D67 SLI and D67 D67 SLI Micro. They are therefore the stalemate on the output video, and will therefore be able to take advantage of the fact that their chipset enables to exploit the graphics solution integrated into the processor. It will, however, use the Smart Response technology (which allows to design hybrid storage with an SSD and a HDD).

Z68 FTW is a motherboard in the E - ATX format, with the power system 12 phases. It offers also five slots PCI Express x 16 and one PCIe x 1 slot. The Sandy Bridge not offering as many lines, EVGA incorporates a bridge, which allows to take advantage of three slots in x 16 in the best of cases (the remaining slots are unusable). This solution supports the DDR3 to 2133 MHz on two channels and four slots. The storage is entrusted to two Serial ATA 6 Gb/s ports and four 3 Gb/s ports, as well as two eSATA ports. The back panel of the motherboard shows Dual Gigabit LAN, and audio HD connections to 7.1 channels. There are also two USB 3.0 ports (knowing that EVGA uses a controller VIA offering will four ports, to be then two others on a square). This Z68 FTW is 264,99 only $ and 299,99 $ with accessories EVGauge and ECP V4 (that allow to check real time certain frequencies and voltages, and BIOS and CPU temperature codes).


The California manufacturer also unveils its Z68 SLI, sold 209,99 dollars. This motherboard provides that three PCI Express x 16 slots, and it therefore adopts an ATX format. It also supplies 8 phases, merely an eSATA port, and three SATA 3 Gb/s ports, two USB 3.0 ports (this time led by an NEC controller). Z68 SLI Micro closed walk. This Micro ATX solution is proposed with a tag of $ 159.99. There is more that six phases of supply, and two PCI Express x 16 slots, accompanied by two PCIe x 1 slots. It returns to two eSATA ports, while USB 3.0 comes an ASMedia controller. In the end, if you don't do as take advantage of the Smart Response technology, there is no great interest to spend more on its EVGA Z68 FTW, Z68 SLI and Z68 SLI Micro solutions (over the mark D67 models).


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