Apple English Store gutted by precaution

Following the riots in England, several Apple Store were completely emptied.

To not be robbed entirely, the Apple Store of United Kingdom have been fully emptied their stock. The scenes are surreal and several users have posted photos on Twitter or Facebook to completely empty shops. The Apple Store in Liverpool or Manchester are concerned, but Apple resellers have also made the household like that of Canterbury.

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screen-shot-2011-08-09-at-2-23-49-pm Screen-Shot-2011-08-09-at-2.29.45-PM

In London, the Apple Store in Regent Store is simply monitored by the forces of order throughout the night. Finally, some vendors do not hesitate to show the absence of stocks on their showcase to deter robbers.It should be noted that since the beginning of the week, riots take place in London and some major cities of the United Kingdom.


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